Department of West Asian Languages and Cultures

The Department of West Asian Languages and Cultures offers undergraduate courses in modern Persian and Hebrew. Students with proper training in their undergraduate education may pursue graduate studies at M.A. level with a major in Hebrew language and culture, Hebrew Bible study and art of the ancient orient, at both M.A. and doctoral levels with a major in Asian-African languages and literature (Persian language and literature, history and culture of Iran) and ancient oriental civilization (Assyriology, Hittite studies).

Graduate courses are also offered in Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittite, Aramaic, Ugaritic, old Egyptian cuneiform, hieroglyphic Luvian, old Persian, Lycian, and hieroglyphics.

These courses are offered by the three constituent units of the department, specializing respectively in Iranian study, Hebrew language and culture, and ancient oriental civilization.

The department currently has a faculty of nine. Three research institutes are affiliated to the department, namely, PKU Research Institute of Iranian Culture, PKU Research Institute of Hebrew and Jewish Culture and PKU Research Institute of Ancient Oriental Civilization.