Department of Asian-African Languages and Literature

The Department of Asian-African Languages and Literatures, established in 2009, was an establishment of several majors from the former Department of Oriental Languages and Cultures. The department consists of two teaching and research groups:The group of Mongolian Language and Culture and the group of Oriental Languages and Literatures. There are seven faculties in the department: three full professors, one associate professor, one lecturer,one assistant professor and one postdoctoral fellow. The Center of Mongolian Studies (CMS) of PKU, founded in Oct. 2004, is affiliated to the department.

Undergraduate Program: Modern Mongolian Language

Graduate Program: providing Master’s and Doctoral Degree of Asian-African Languages and Literature, which covers Oriental Literature, Mongolian Language and Culture, Cross-Border Languages Studies and Comparative Studies of Man-Tungusian Languages.

The language courses for graduate students include Manchu Language, Swahili Language, Hausa Language, Amharic Language, Igbo Language, etc.

  • The Teaching and Research Section of Mongolian Language and Literature, founded in 1949, is the first institution in China offering courses and doing researches on Khalkh dialect and Mongolian Cyrillic, which is the official language of Mongolia. Over the past sixty years, numerous outstanding graduates have been working in various areas like diplomacy, foreign trade, culture, media, education as well as teaching and research and have made significant contributions to enhance the friendship between China and Mongolia.

  • The Teaching and Research Section of Oriental Languages and Literatures was founded in 1978. Ji Xianlin was appointed as its first director. It offers a course entitled “Oriental Literature” to all the students in Peking University and has compiled books like “History of Oriental Literature”, “Concise Dictionary of Oriental Literature”, “Selected reading in Oriental Literature”, etc.

  • The Center of Mongolian studies was established in 2004. Drawing on Peking University’s rich research resources in humanities, social sciences and country studies as well as the support from other universities, the research center has built an inter-disciplinary team aiming at promoting comprehensive studies on problems about Mongolia. The Center has already yielded fruitful accomplishments and its characteristic research method has been widely recognized by academic world.

  • The establishment of Cross-Border Languages Studies and Comparative Studies of Man-Tungusian Languages is closely related with the Teaching and Research Section of Oriental Languages and Literature founded in 1987. Aiming at attracting specialists and talents in this area, it contributes greatly to research on cross-border Altay languages.

The Department of Asian-African Languages and Literatures aims to increase the breadth and depth of Asian-African academic research through furthering studies of Asian-African Literature, promoting research in African languages and cultures, and conducting linguistic research on cross-border languages.