Department of Russian Language and Literature

The Department of Russian Language and Literature, first established in 1910, has eighteen regular faculty members, of whom six are full professors. Each year the department also hires one or two instructors from Russian speaking countries. In addition to major courses in Russian language and literature at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the department offers courses in other Slavic languages such as Ukrainian and Georgian. At the graduate level, students may pursue their studies with a focus on Russian literature, Russian linguistics, translation, Russian culture or comparative literature. The department is the leading program in Russian studies in China in the areas of literary history, classical authors, literary translation, ancient Russian, syntax, phonetics, etc. Over the years, many of its faculty members have received such prestigious awards as the Pushkin award, the Gorky award and the Putin award. History of Russian and the Soviet Union Literature, written by the faculty, is the first complete history of Russian and the Soviet Union literarature in China. 

The department admits about twenty undergraduate students, eight M.A. students and a number of doctoral students each year. Most of the students are eligible for the Study Abroad Program. Graduates of the department usually find employment in foreign affairs, the media, education, the publishing business, finance and the defense industry. For a fair number of students, studies in the department have also become the starting point of their academic careers.