The Department of Southeast Asian Cultural Studies
       Department of Southeast Asian Cultural Studies is constituted of five teaching and research divisions dealing with different countries, including Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Its additional three research institutes are Southeast Asian Research Institute, Institute of Thai Studies, and Institute of Indonesia-Malaysia Studies. The entire department currently has 18 in-service teachers and 72 students, among whom there are 53 undergraduates, 12 masters and 7 doctoral candidates. During a period of ten years from 1999 to 2009, the department produced a total of 198 graduates, among whom there are 151 undergraduates, 39 masters, and 8 doctors. Most of them landed jobs in areas of foreign affairs, domestic and international trades, journalism as well as foreign language teaching and research.
Our department has made countless accomplishments for the past 10 years. The total number of academic works, textbooks, translations, dictionaries and paper collections written or edited by the teachers of the department is 52, including 3 collections of papers on Southeast Asian Studies. The number of papers published in major academic journals is about 321. And 12 academic conferences were held by the department, including 3 seminars on Southeast Asian Studies. We have 7 social science research projects either belonging to the National Social Sciences Fund Program or Humanities and Social Sciences Research Program of the Ministry of Education. Many teachers have received a variety of awards. Particularly, they received the National Higher Education Award for Research Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences (1), Beijing Municipal Award for Research Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences (3), Peking University Award for Research Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences (3), and Peking University Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations (2). In addition, they have won three awards for meritorious teaching at different levels. Two professors were given 3 awards conferred by foreign governments: in 2004, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the then Malaysian Prime Minister, granted Prof. Liang Liji the Malaysia-China Friendship Award in the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia; on the day of the 61st anniversary of the independence of Indonesia, the ambassador granted Prof. Liang Liji and Prof. Kong Yuanzhi the Contribution Award in recognition of their achievements in promoting "the friendship and co-operation between Indonesia and China."
Sponsored by the Singapore Buddhist Lodge, teachers in the Department of Southeast Asian Cultural Studies went on academic trips for 5 consecutive years to ten countries in that region. They have established co-operations with many top universities, institutes, and organizations. During the 10 years leading up to 2009, 79 students in the department were sent to study abroad or on learning trips, which turned out to be very helpful in their study and work, enabling them to develop an international vision.