Department of English Language and Literature
The Department of English Language and Literature was officially established in 1919, but its actual origin goes back to 1862, when the Capital School of Foreign Languages was set up by the government of the Qing Dynasty. Since its establishment, the Department of English has enjoyed continued prosperity thanks to the unfailing assiduity of the faculty and its deep commitment to the educational traditions of Peking University. The department currently has a faculty of about eighty, offering a variety of courses in language, literature, culture and translation. Their academic strength is regularly supplemented by visiting professors from English-speaking countries. Aside from the acquisition of basic language skills, the department attaches great importance to the cultivation of student interest in literature and other cultural forms of British and American origin, and on top of this foundation, a critical perspective on language, literature and culture in general. The department offers Bachelor's degree in English and Master's and Doctoral degrees in British and American language, literature, culture as well as in translation. Each year, the department admits about 50 undergraduate majors, 18 M.A. students and a variable number of doctoral students. 

                                                                                             The Program of College English
The Program of College English is responsible for teaching College English to the university’s 6,500 non-English-major undergraduate students each semester. The program has 40 regular Chinese faculty members, and employs six to eight native English speakers each academic year. It offers a variety of courses for improving language skills at different levels, and courses in English literature, linguistics, Western cultures, and cross-cultural communication. At present, the program has 36 regular Chinese faculty members and 8 native English-speaking faculty members.

                                                                                             The Program of Graduate English
The Program of Graduate English is in charge of teaching English to non-English-majors across the university at the graduate level. It offers required courses in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and elective courses in English poetry, English film, and Western cultures, etc. In addition, the program organizes such extra-curricular activities as the English Speaking Contest and Culture Lectures in English. At present, the program has eight regular Chinese faculty members and seven native English-speaking faculty members.