Institute of World Literature

The Institute of World Literature boasts of a well-disciplined faculty who excel both in creative academic research and teaching competence. The institute maintains an important position in School of Foreign Languages at Peking University. All of its teachers are PhD. holders in literature. The institute is dedicated to promoting the multidisciplinary, cross-cultural and historically self-reflective studies of world literature in a broad sense.

Formally established in 1986, the Institute of World Literature was initially called the PKU Research Centre for World literature. After the establishment of the School of Foreign Languages in 1999, the Research Centre for World literature developed itself into a more regular and independent body of teaching and research under the present name of Institute of World Literature.

The Institute mainly aims to train professionals able to undertake teaching, researching and editing tasks in the fields of Comparative Literature, World Literature and Comparative Cultural Studies. It also trains related professionals in the fields of World Culture, International Communication, Domestic and Foreign Media and Cultural Management and Translation. Ever since 1986, the Institute has been receiving master candidates for over two decades. More tan 100 students have successfully graduated from the Institute. Now, the Institute owns three doctoral advisors with doctoral programs respectively in the following four directions, namely “World Literature”, “Cross-cultural Studies”, “Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies” and “Western Poetics and Comparative Poetics”. Recently, the institute has also enrolled a postdoctoral fellow in the field of Comparative Studies of China and the West.

The Institute is distinctive in hosting academic events actively. It engages itself in international communication extensively and it is outstanding in research achievements. The Institute serves as the base for the following organizations, namely PKU’s World Auto/Biography Centre, PKU’s Literature and Translation Studies Association, the Center for Cross-cultural Studies at PKU, Shakespeare Association of China (SAC), the Center of Brazilian Culture at PKU, the Biographical Society, the International Association for Comparative Studies of China and the West (IACSCW) and World Literature Association (WLA). Comparative Literature and World Literature Studies offered by the Institute is one of the National Key Disciplines.