PKU MTI Education Center

The MTI Education Center, affiliated to the School of Foreign Languages of Peking University, is a master’s degree program that specializes in the training of translation professionals.

The MTI degree, short for Master of Translation and Interpreting, is a professional level of education approved by the Commission of Academic Degrees of the State Council of China. The MTI Education Center of Peking University is one of the first 15 institutions officially approved to offer courses in this area on an experimental basis.

With the accelerating process of the language service industry which provides services including translation, localization, language training/consultation, and the development of tools for language processing, the MTI Education Center at Peking University has set up a graduate program, the first of its kind in China, in “Languages Administration” within the framework of its professional degree education.

The objective of the Language Administration Program is to train elite managerial personnel who are badly needed in the job market through vigorous and systematic training aiming at cultivating students’ translation skills, management skills, their ability to handle large language service projects, and providing them with rich professional experiences as well. In addition to a team of outstanding scholars in the field, the MTI Education Center also has close links with many first-rate language service companies in northern China where students can intern and participate in real-situation business activities while continuing their formal study here at MTI.

The MTI Education Center provides opportunities for students to engage in translation practice with the purpose of enhancing their practical skills and preparing them for career opportunities and successful engagement with future professions. The students are offered internships with designated organizations on a regular basis with regard to the duration, quantity and contents of their jobs. The hosting organizations for internships include Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, China Translation and Publishing House, Intellectual Property Publishing House, Reference News Editorial Office of the Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, Beijing Review, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and Boya Muduo Language Services Co., Ltd.

The MTI Education Center founded BOYA Translation Culture Salon in 2009, its China Translation Profession Forum (CTPF) is annually held in May, and its official publication is entitled Translation World.