The PKU MTI Education Center, affiliated to the School of Foreign Languages of Peking University, is a master’s degree program that specializes in the training of translation professionals.
The MTI degree, short for Master of Translation and Interpreting, is a professional level of education approved by the Commission of Academic Degrees of the State Council of China. As one of the first 15 institutions officially approved to offer courses in this area on an experimental basis, the PKU MTI Education Center began in 2008 nationwide enrollment of master’s students in written translation with the aim of preparing students for translation qualifications and future careers as skilled, high-level, professional translators with adequate language proficiency and strong work ethic. The program provides quality training to students with the stress on broadening their intellectual horizons and the breadth of their knowledge in order to qualify them in various fields of translation at professional, practical and advanced levels.
The core objective of the MTI Education Program focuses on cultivating strong practical abilities in translation in compliance with the national accreditation standards for professional translators. With particular emphasis on the training of professional skills, the program aims to cultivate sophisticated translators that can fulfill the general requirements of English-Chinese translation at an advanced level, and it offers practical exposure to career-related experiences. The program is committed to advancing the physical, moral, and intellectual development of the students. Strongly grounded in a practical, application-oriented principle, the program aims to cultivate skilled, all-round professionals who can adapt to the requirements of economic globalization as well as the cultural, social, and economic development of the nation.
Under the guidance of the MTI Program Council, the PKU MTI Education Center boasts an outstanding faculty experienced in teaching and strong in their respective researches, including renowned scholars in translation studies and translation theory as well as senior experts from leading translation agencies both at home and abroad. Faculty members author a large number of publications on translation and translated works, and they have broad experience as editors with UNESCO, panel members of the National Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters, and officials of the Translators Association of China.
The PKU MTI Education Center provides opportunities for students to engage in translation practice with the purpose of enhancing their practical skills and preparing them for career opportunities and successful engagement with future professions. The students are offered internships with designated organizations on a regular basis with regard to the duration, quantity and contents of their jobs. The hosting organizations for internships include China Translation & Publishing Corporation, World Knowledge Press, Reference News Editorial Office of the Xinhua News Agency as well as the MTI Education Center, with its focus on web publishing and corpus building.
The PKU MTI Education Center offers a joint master’s program in conjunction with the Department of Language Technology and Engineering of the School of Software and Microelectronics. The two institutions offer a common set of courses under the common guidelines for education and jointly maintains the Peking University Translation website. Through our joint efforts in promoting the “MTI plus CAT” method of education, we have established a mode of pedagogy particularly well geared to the cultivation of professionals in the translation industry, laying a solid foundation for further innovations in the training of master’s students in this field.
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