2009 CASIO Scholarship Ceremony Held in School of Foreign Languages, Peking University

On December 24, 2009, the 2009 CASIO Scholarship Ceremony was held in the meeting room 208,Democracy Building at Peking University.


     Shusaku Yoshida, the vice-president of Casio (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony with his colleagues. A few leaders in the School of ForeignLanguages have attended the ceremony, such as Dean Cheng Zhaoxiang, associate dean Zhao Huamin and Li Zheng, deputy Party secretary Li Shujing and Zheng Qingwen. Present also were more than 120 undergraduates, post-graduates, PhD candidates and faculty members. The deputy general secretary of Peking University Education Foundation Li Rong and vice-director of the Project Zhang Yong also turned up as important guests.
     Professor Cheng, dean of SFL, first gave a speech to thank Casio Company for their support over all these years. Since the CASIO Scholarship was set up in 2006, 100,000 RMB each year has been awarded to students with excellent grades and great research abilities, and faculty members who have papers published on major academic journals or have published new books. This year 8 PhD candidates have been given a special award for publishing papers on CSSCI journals. In the end, Professor Cheng pointed out that students and teachers who were awarded today should cherish this honor and work harder to provide service for the school, the society and the nation. 

    Shusaku Yoshida, the vice-president of Casio (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. also addressed the students enthusiastically. He mentioned that it was the duty of a company to contribute to the education of the nation. What’s more, the Casio Company wishes that they can further the co-operation with Peking University and take efforts to help develop the education of Peking University and of China.
     The guests and leaders together granted the certificates to the teachers and students who won the Scholarship. 26 teachers and 11 students, 37 in total, received the awards in six categories, i.e., Undergraduate Award, Graduate Award, Graduate Paper Award, Paper Award for Teachers, Book Award for Teachers, Supportive Award for Teacher’s Publication. 
      Finally, PhD candidate Jiang Li, on behalf of all the award-winning students, and Prof. Su Gengxin, on behalf of all the award-winning teachers, delivered their speeches. They expressed their thanks to the supports from Casio Company, and said that they would continue to work hard to make greater progress in future study and research.